Thursday, October 31, 2013 start

Thanks for taking that little trip with me through the cinephile part of me. I hope that my reviews of the films did two things, 1) Didn't give too much away and 2.) Interested you enough to seek them out.

If not, I'm sure that you can dig their full stories (including the secrets and plot twists) up in some place on the web, it's not that hard. But Jesus, exercise your brains people.

We live in a world where it's all bright and flashy and quick. We live in a world where people seek quick, instant gratification. Where the value of somethi-IURK! Letth go! Ughh you dirty bastard...

Shh, shh... go to sleep boy...shut your bleeding heart, ever-running
mouth. Yes, that's it...relax...let your eyes roll like sleepers, yeah? Shh, shh...
And there we go...he's out.
Whew, I thought that would NEVER end!

Now...who's ready to get back in the ring or even maybe...the mats?

Coming soon: The Kiss Part 4: A whole new world